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Ginger Wheeler

I just found this site as I was looking for information about Ray & Frances Ward of Locust Grove Ga.
My father EB Beard was hunting buddy & life long friends with Ray. I’m hopeful I can connect with his family. I’m sure Dad was there to welcome Ray in heaven, but I have special items saved to share with his family when I can locate them. Perhaps this blog can help?
Thank you & blessings to you.
Ginger Wheeler Atlanta

Lola Rasschaert

Hi I am Lola (Carman) Rasschaert looking for Noel Winters Carman duck calls made in Newbern, TN. These calls could be in NY or even Australia I know different doctors, lawyers, etc. used to come to Reelfoot Lake to duck hunt and they bought Earl Dennison duck calls and a few liked my Granddaddy Noel Carman's calls and bought some off him. I'd like some for my children. Thanks, Lola Rasschaert, Riner, VA 540-382-3916 LoRass8@aol.com If you have pictures of any of the hunts let me know! :0)

David Walker

Interesting page for sure. Seems to have several call makers from across the Country. Looking forward to seeing all the calls that makers are producing these days.

Mark Wubben

Being a Call Maker for 48 years now I love seeing the old and new calls. Call making is rich in history and intrigue. Thank you for all the work into this site.

Jim Cantwell

I signed up to let you know that turkey call maker Kenney Harrell of MS passed away a few years ago. This news not known by many. I tried for a year or more to contact him with no sucess, with a number of people following my attempts. RIP Kenney.

Debby Sturgeon Henderson

I stumbled on this site when I googled my Grampa's name: Albert Sturgeon. He surely did enjoy making his calls. I have 2 proudly displayed in my home. I remember how impressed I was when he gave them too me. They are beautiful and a testament to this fine workmanship.


Love this site . Turning duck calls and moving to the 70 year mark . Bueautiful works of art by wonderful talented people. Thank you for sharing. North Myrtle Beach SC

Max Torn

I didn’t know collecting calls was a thing until recently. I’ve only gone turkey hunting once. I had one in the sights of my red dot. It was an all morning effort to get one to come close enough. I felt like I got the best of the hunt, so I didn’t pull the trigger, and let it go. Kind of like a catch and release.

I’m a regular at the Childrens Home sporting clay benefit emceed by the Swartzkopf family, and a couple years back, won one of the General’s turkey calls from his private collection, made by the late Dick Kirby. It’s so cool, I think I’m stopping my collection at….just one.

Clint Brown

Great information and lots of info, here about the call makers. I really like looking at all the Turkey calls and knowing the call makers is easy here! I appreciate the person who set this up for an average "Joe" like me. Have been hunting for over 40 years and collecting for about 20 years. I really love this site!!!! Appreciate it,,,

Billy Miller

Nice calls, love the craftsmanship

David Walker

Great to see a site with all these call makers as well as the things they make.

Chris Utke

Just recently found this site and am very impressed with the information thus far. It's nice to see somebody cares about the art and folklore of call making to pick up where Earl Mickle left off and I know there are others out there that have as well. But in today's world of the internet, this site is the best I've found.
Thank you

Dan Egner

Never done/did (I dunno) a blog - I have participated in forums, but just not sure about how blogs work. Anyway, glad to be able to rifle around in here, seems to be a lot of information. I have grabbed a handful of Calls over the years when the price and timing seemed right, surely nothing too exciting for you big-timers. But I have fun with what I do. I am on a new mission though, if it starts actually being a thing, I hope to figure out the blog process so I can give reports.

Chuck Odato

This is a very nice site. I am a retired professional taxidermist and I have been a turkey hunter for over 50 years. I have been making my own custom turkey calls for about 40 years. I really enjoy seeing the beautiful calls made by other call makers and i hope to meet some of the members.

Gregory L Mullen

Love all kinds of turkey calls.i build custom turkey mouth calls any style or sounding. Let me know if I can help you get that gobbler.

Russ Halfpenny

I am one of Carl's son's, just wanted to let you know we have carried on my father's love of making slate turkey calls and are very happy to see my dad as well as D.D Adams calls in you web site. Thanks for keeping the memories going. Grew up around Many well known turkey legends. Ben Lee, Dick Kirby, Rob Keck, Shirley Grenoble, Ron Sandrus, and many others most are gone now but not forgotten! Thanks again,Russ

Barbara Tarter Kyle

Nice. Wandered across this.


First time to this site. Looking for any duck callers made by my father, Robert Tipton "Tip" Masterson from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Also, willing to offer any available information on him. I remember watching him make the Master Call and the Stuttgart Duck Call when I was about 5 years old through high school. Dad did all of the lathe work and tuning of the finished product, but I sometimes helped with the sanding, staining, and varnishing. Truly enjoyed looking through the Call Collector web site.

Dave Kester

Been looking at this site for a while and just realized whose it is. Great stuff here.

Dave Browne

Makes me want to take up Turkey hunting here in the PNW!! Might have to get Herkohmer, Wise, Olson and the others involved!! A LONG ways from the Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas days! Keep up the great work!

Gary Perinar

I came across this website tonight for the first time . Very cool . As a call maker / collector / and most importantly a student of the history of water fowling . I want to tip my hat !

Eddie Spaghetti

This is a great sight. I bought a call from a Rolla Missouri call maker. I bought one of his pot slate calls and two strikers. The name of his company was Poor Boy turkey calls. If you know anyone who has a Poor Boy pot slate with the Poor Boy soft strike text me.

Amberly Davis

Ty Black is my grandfather,it is nice to see his work showcased and see his art appreciated. Thank you!

Steven Farmer

I'm so amazed of all the great craftmanship an loyalty of all these call maker to go out of there way to answer any questions you might have .
Thanks to all the call maker for keeping the wild Turkey alive.

Paula Morrow Ryba

John "Sandy" Morrow was my paternal grandfather. Since I have been researching my ancestors, I am interested in more stories and information about my grandfather. His son John Billy Morrow has passed away also, so there isn't anyone to answer questions. My brother owns only one Morrow duck call, that our father kept. I do remember as a child my grandfather carving and whittling in his garage workshop in Flint, MI.

Mark Bergagna

Nice Site to look thru!

Randolph Phillips

I have just begun turning calls and this is a very great site. Had no idea there were so many call makers in Arkansas.

tod nobriga

very nice ! great pics .

Eric Cain

Great site, nice to be able to look up call makers from a specific state. Keep up the great job on managing this site Jim.

Shane Honea

There’s some beautiful calls here. Excellent website!

Bobby Joe Hill

Was pleased to see my calls listed here. I will gladly send you a photo to insert. What is the best way to get it to you? Thank you for this online database.

Brent Weaver

This is a great site. Was happy to see my Great Uncle Claude Stone duck calls are still being talked about. He was a great duck call maker.

Brenda fornell

There has been a book written about my grandad,Andrew Michael Bowles,only first editions available now. Author, John crow,from Dallas, texas

Doug Lodermeier Sr.

Amazing site and a real benefit to the call collecting community! A wonderful site to help keep the history alive. I encourage everyone to contribute to Jim's effort!!

David Baldridge

I love the site! I like to see the passion and talent that other call makers put into their work. I look in here pretty often and have made hundreds of calls . Great place to look for inspiration!

Lewis Bays BAYS CALL

Nice site! Enjoyed looking through it.

Mike Price

love your Site! I'm trying to locate a Cajun Goose call with a clear amber tip anybody know of these or where they can be found? (918)304-7445

Trent Davidson

I love this. Great Trader A+ would recommend.

Jim Pickle

Very happy to be a part of this ground breaking expedition alongside some of the Best artisans nature has to offer! The next best thing sense sliced bread!😁

Paul Ward

Great idea!!! Will check back often.

Joe Ford

What an excellent site! Personally, my interest in calls began with a very old Faulks WA-11 that my grandfather gave me for my first duck hunt. After he passed on, I discovered several old Arkansas calls, both very nicely made (a Pine Bluff AR maker) and very rough (unsigned primitives) along with old button-style duck stamps. I'll be exploring your info more, now that I've found it!

Eric Hoschek

Keep up the great work! Love looking at all the calls and their history!

Billy Menard

Love browsing the site.

David Lindsey

Love the site! I have several examples to post.

Russell Booker

Nice site

Jason Furlow

A Great Site put together by a great guy!!!! This site is a Treasure and will get better and better with time. Gonna be a great tool for many years and for many many people!!!! Thanks Jim. 👍

Jessie Franklin Diggs

Grandson of Jessie Mae Pickle, Great site hope to see more info added in the future.


Great website!! Lots of good info on here!!


Team GHB

Gene Hopkins

Thanks for the invite Jim

Ricky Williams

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and collections while investing the time and money into such a great reference and resource for everyone to enjoy.

Bobby Bordelon

Looks good Jim.

John Braun

This should be a great site.

Jeremiah Cluesman

This site truly is a treasure!

Bill Kleinfelder

A great site...well done Jim!