Pisser Collection Duck Calls

The "Pisser Collection" Started in 2017.  While deer hunting in my home town my brother in law told me about an old barn that was being torn down. Knowing that I collected duck calls, and I'm always looking for wood, we decided to go have a look at the material that was available.  This particular barn was on a dairy farm built in the 1800's.  The piece that we decided on was a section of a soaker log. The soaker log is the wood that is between the ground, and the floor of the barn.  Cows were milked twice a day and would shit and piss on the wood floor.  Over the years, the piss would seap throught the floor and into the soaker log.  After a few hundred years of pissing you could see the yellow stains that had peenitrated the log. Hence the "Pisser Collection" was born.

Call blanks have been distributed to custom call makers with instructions to do what they wanted to it.  Some complained about the smell, and checkering but all complained about how much CA was need to seal the call.  To Date, I have 31 in hand. and more in the works. 

Sorry, there are no Duck Calls available for "Pisser Collection" at this time.

Please check back again, or contact us to contribute!

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