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How do call makers get add to CallCollector.Com?

In order to be added to the website, Makers must make the entire call. For Duck call makers - No aftermarket inserts.
If you cut your own tone boards, you’re in…

Information needed:

1. Name
2. City/State
3. Company Name
4. Website address (if you have one) Or Facebook page
5. Birthday ( Not required, but I do have a “on this day” section of the website that displays call makers birthdays and other events)
6. Picture of you ( in the shop or with your catch)
7. Pictures of your calls (Please have them on a plain background or I may not be able to use them.
Once the files are prepped for the website busy backgrounds will distort the image and they are unusable.)
8. A Bio of some sort. Let folks know a little something about yourself, what got you started, how long you have made calls, etc.…

Photo Requirements

Call photos need to be on a plain background. Nothing to busy as the quality of the picture will become pixelated and distorted when formatting them for the website. If this happens, the photo will not be added.

Pictures submitted are not being displayed

Photos submitted through the website are being stripped out. Please email your photos to Info@CallCollector.Com or Jim@CallCollector.Com

Having Trouble becoming a member?

If you are not receiving the response back from the site to verify your account, please send an email to info@callcollector.com and We will get you membership verified. We sometimes have issues with the email provider with the site. Thanks!!

Why does the price change when I list an item?

CallCollector.com listing fees are automatically added to your asking price

Why do I see two different PayPal payments on my transaction history?

Your PayPal payment transaction is split between the seller and Callcollector.com. The seller receives their funds and the listing fees are sent to CallCollector.com. Together they make the total cost of the item purchased.

How do I purchase an item?

Create an account on the Members tab and sign up. Select your item, and check out through PayPal.

Are there any listing fees?

No, Fees are paid only when an item is sold.

When are the fees paid?

Fees are paid, by the seller, at the time of sale / checkout.

How long is an Item available for sale on the site?

Items are available for a maximum of 30 days, after that they will be removed or the seller will need to relist the item.

What does it cost to sell an item on the site?

Pricing is a flat rate of $5.15 for items under $100.00 and 5.15% for items over $100.00. Fees are automatically calculated and the listing price includes listing fees.

How Do, I get started selling on CallCollector.com

Create an account on the Members tab, Sign up

Do You Collect Sales Tax?

No, Sales tax is the responsibility of the Seller

Who Pays Shipping?

Sellers are responsible for shipping costs, to include insurance and tracking if deemed necessary. The seller will add, if necessary, these to the final listing price. The listing price on the site includes any and all fees and shipping / insurance. CallCollector.com is NOT responsible for lost, damaged or undelivered items.

How do sales work on CallCollector.com?

All sales are strictly between buyer and seller. CallCollector.com is simply a means of getting buyers and sellers together.