Posted: April 26, 2017

The type of duck call you decide to purchase should be one that fits your intended purpose of use. Experienced hunters will tell you that you will encounter many different scenarios, which may require a variety of duck calls.  There is no need to go out and purchase a lot of different calls; start small and add to your lanyard as needed.   Knowing your environment will help you decide if you need an Open Water, Timber, or Cut Down, or another type of call or whistle.

Open Water

Open Water Calls are built for large, open areas and great for windy conditions. They can achieve high volumes to attract migrating ducks. These calls are designed to make a lot of noise and will not produce the softer ducks sounds without a lot of practice.

Timber Calls

Timber Calls are designed for tighter places such as closed in areas, heavy timber and very calm days. These calls are great for calling ducks which have been highly pressured. Timber calls are often used on big water, too, when finicky ducks need a soft finishing call to get them to make the final commitment.

Cut Down Calls

Cut Down calls are made to be very loud.  The term "cut-down" came from trimming and rounding the reeds of the old, original P.S.Olt duck calls, which had a curved tone board below a straight reed. These alterations gave hunters a call with greater volume and a wider variety of pitches.