Call Maker - Scott Kinney

Name: Scott Kinney

City: Memphis

State: Tennessee

Country: USA


Scott Kinney, the great grandson of the late G.D. Kinney, has recently revived the family legacy of callmaking.  He is creating duck calls under the influence of original GDK calls and is staying true to the nature of his predecessor’s craftsmanship.  Scott uses basic tools and material, and with sight and touch, hand builds each call in the spirit of a bygone era. A lifelong sportsman who remains tightly woven into the outdoors through hunting and fishing, Scott is also a published outdoors writer and poet.  He was introduced to duck hunting at a very early age and virtually “cut his teeth” on a G.D. Kinney duck call.  His grandfather taught him to call ducks on metal reed calls and Scott applies this knowledge and heritage in tuning the reeds he makes for his Reelfoot style calls.

     Just as you will find when comparing G.D. Kinney’s calls, no two of Scott Kinney’s duck calls are exactly alike. However, the barrels all have the distinctive shape in the cap, lanyard groove and shoulders that make a Kinney call readily identifiable.
     Scott’s early calls were marked in the same manner as his great grandfather, but with his initials, “WSK”  stamped into the barrel cap.  To ensure that there was no confusion as to the call maker, Scott soon designed a brand to mark his calls. His initials inside an oval can be found on every barrel and stopper of Scott Kinney’s duck calls. This way of marking was chosen to preserve the identity and value of the G.D. Kinney calls, which now range in age from seventy-three years to over one hundred years old.  
     Scott’s intent and purpose in continuing this legacy is not to copy his great grandfather’s calls, rather to honor his family heritage and produce an heirloom-quality duck call built in the tradition of his great grandfather during the Golden Age of Waterfowling.

     In the first year of call making, Scott’s  “Kinney Legacy Duck Calls” have reached several milestones: Early on, one call placed in the National Wild Turkey Federation’s 2012 Grand National Call Competition. Recently, Scott was honored as the winner in the Outdoors Category of Garden & Gun Magazine’s  Made In The South Awards, 2012, and his calls appeared on MSNBC’s morning news program, “Morning Joe” on November 20th.  Scott’s calls are also featured alongside his great grandfather’s in the duck call collector’s book, “The Legacy of the American Duck Call”, published in December 2012 and authored by Howard Harlan & Jim Fleming.

     Following another family tradition, Scott is a twenty-six year veteran of military service.  He is also an avid outdoorsman, and a published writer and poet.

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