Call Maker - Alexander Kemp Barber

Alexander Kemp Barber

Name: Alexander Kemp Barber

City: White Oak

State: North Carolina

Country: USA


Company Name: AKB Game Calls

Born: 1965


AKB Game Calls started on August 2nd, 2017, the same day that Alexander Kemp Barber completed his very first mallard duck call. Kemp began a professional woodworking career back in 1985 building custom furniture, clocks and sometimes guitars to name a few. He later took jobs as a cabinet builder. He eventually developed chronic lower back issues that forced him to seek less strenuous work. In June of 2017 a friend had mentioned to Kemp that he would like to have a few duck calls made for his collection and the idea was an inviting one. Kemp spent the best part of the next month researching call making techniques and gathering the necessary tools for the task. Finally on August 2nd he put his research and 30+ years of woodworking to the test. It was a success. Kemps experiences and countless hours of practice throughout his career has prepaired him well for call making. He has used the same turning lathe since 1985 and is very practiced with it. His training in furniture making and design serves as a benefit for creating eye pleasing products and his experience with musical instruments proves most helpful when it comes to the subtle nature of tuning a duck call. Kemp views this new chapter of his life as a God send. He says that sometimes through our seemingly endless labors, we are being prepared for something that we never even imagined. Then when we least expect it and the time is right. change comes about. One door closes as another door opens. Kemp is thankful to God and the many fine people that have helped to make AKB Game Calls possible.

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