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Neely "Butch" Mitchell
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Neely "Butch" Mitchell

Name: Neely "Butch" Mitchell

City: Hayti

State: Missouri

Country: USA

Born: 1946


My full name is Neely Mitchell, Jr. I am known by most as “Butch”. I was born in 1946 and introduced to hunting at an early age. My fascination with duck and goose hunting became a passion. I was intrigued with the art of calling waterfowl. My dissatisfaction with “store-bought” calls led me on a quest to make superior sounding duck and goose calls. Consequently, this endeavor led to many modifications, designs, and failures until I acquired the knowledge and skill for building a truly superior call. I was born and have been a life-long resident of Hayti, Mo. Excluding the  time necessary to get a degree and then military service  my life has been centered on the sport of hunting. I am currently retired after having taught school for 31 years.

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