Call Maker - Francis J Muehlstein

Name: Francis J Muehlstein

City: St. Paul

State: Minnesota

Country: USA

Company Name: Natural Duck Call Mfg Co

Born: 1885

Died: 1954


Francis J. Muehlstein maker of the "The Natural Duck Call” was granted a US patent, 1855527, on April 26, 1932. It was Mr. Muehlsteins’ intention to provide a simple and highly efficient duck call where extensive experience and extraordinary skill are not required to produce successful results.  Mr. Muehlstein contended that it took skill in manipulating your hand to make a traditional duck call sound good. His new duck call imitated a real duck's vocal system so you wouldn't have to manipulate your hand.   The call is a wooden Mallard Drake Head with glass eyes and a hinged metal bill. When you blow through the neck the reed in the head vibrates producing a duck call sound while the hinged bill flaps with the passage of air and sound.

On June 9, 1948 Mr. Muehlstein revised his original patent and received United States Patent 2555240.  Mr. Muehlstein discovered, after experimentation and research, that the functions of his original duck call could be substantially improved by expanding the discharge area of sound and air.  Another improvement was the reconfiguration of the spout-shaped distributor that directs the major portion of the air stream upwardly against the swingable bill raising this bill section proportionately with the amount of air being discharged.   This would cause swinging and reciprocating of the bill to more accurately resemble the opening and closing of a ducks bill during calling.

These calls was made in the 1930's and 1940's

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