Call Maker - Milton A Day


Milton A Day

Name: Milton A Day

City: Shreveport

State: Louisiana

Country: USA

Company Name: B.J.’s Calls

Born: 1937

Died: 2008


The founder of B.J.’s Calls, Milton Day, was known in north Louisiana as a master craftsman. It was in his childhood, while hunting with his father and grandfather in the backwoods, lakes, and creeks of Northwest Louisiana, that the art of calling ducks became an obsession. While his passion for hunting spanned more than 60 years, it was teaching his sons and friends the skills to hunt that proved most rewarding for him. His degree in design engineering from Northwestern University provided the intimate knowledge required to make such fine single reed duck calls. Each patented duck call is handmade and crafted from various types of wood. The art of woodworking was a hobby for Milton; every custom made duck call was sold direct from his workshop.

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