Call Maker - Lee Robichaux

Name: Lee Robichaux

City: Bayou Black

State: Louisiana

Country: USA

Company Name: LR-Calls

Born: 1963


My unofficial company name is LR-Calls, logo sometimes engraved as you will see in pics. 

Born and raised in Terrebonne parish in a small community called Bayou Black. My dad and my grandfather built my first mud boat and pirogue in the 70’s and I was consumed with duck hunting. No cell phone no radio, only a promise to be home by dark. Our house was near the bayou side making it convenient. My grandfather made a living by seasonal work. Mainly a carpenter by trade, he shucked oysters during the season and hunted ducks during the season and was paid 2 bits a pair. He would make duck calls for his customers. Mainly single reed calls back then. We would sit and listen to the ducks as he would tune his calls. It was then that I realized the variations in vocals depending on the conditions. It was my father that taught me how to read the behavior of the ducks. Sometimes less is better. I’ve hunted many flooded timbers and marshes over the years and to this day I’m still learning. I sit and listen especially in flooded timber. Mallards, wood ducks, teal, all with variations of pitch, volume , the wood duck being the most intriguing to learn. Over the years I grew tired of buying calls and just started building my own. At first for myself and friends and it went from there. I don’t have a web page or a Facebook page although my sons tell me I should. I’ll leave that part to them.

Word of mouth has treated me well. I build per order and I sit and tune the calls for the buyer and at times they are novice and need help which is ok. There was a time I was. I build from acrylics and wood, but mainly wood. I prefer the aesthetics and harmonics.

When I build a call I take my time and treat it as my own in appearance and sound. I give a lifetime warranty, my lifetime at the least when I hand it over. I want the customer to be able to hand it down through his or her generation knowing it wasn’t just a duck call but a part of themselves.

Lee Robichaux 

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