Call Maker - Del Culbertson

Name: Del Culbertson

Aliases: Cubby

City: Petersberg

State: Indiana

Country: USA

Company Name: Chubby's Talk Sexy Custom Calls


I specialize in exotic wood pot calls using various playing surfaces. My favorite surface is slate and due to slate being a hindrance when damp, I developed a waterproof striker, that will also play dry. Building calls since 2000-2001, I've have made plenty of mistakes and learned a lot in the process and I'm still learning! Competing on and off over the years depending on my work schedule, I have placed at the NWTF Nationals over 30 times in different categories. I also make trough calls, tongue calls, scratch boxes, and a very unique Mason Jar call with interchangeable playing surfaces. My business is known as Cubby's Talk Sexy Custom Calls

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