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Eric E Cain
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Eric E Cain

Name: Eric E Cain

City: Ladd

State: Illinois

Country: USA


Company Name: Cain's Custom Calls


I started out making wingbone turkey calls back in 2000, around 2010 I started making box calls. I have always liked the Eminence, Missouri style box call.  Searcy,  McCormac, Fry, and quite a few others from that area of Missouri. I give alot of credit to Gary Rieker who helped me along the way. I’m a avid Turkey Hunter, Member of Princeton Game & Fish Club, I collect turkey, duck, goose and crow calls. I grew up in Princeton, IL and now reside in Ladd, IL. My surrounding area is known for deer hunting, duck and goose hunting, and turkey hunting along the Illinois River.

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