Call Maker - B.G.I.



Name: B.G.I.

City: Bridgeport

State: Connecticut

Country: USA

Company Name: Bridgeport Gun Implement

Born: 1878

Died: 1902


Bridgeport Gun Implement Company (BGI) was founded in February of 1878 in Bridgeport Connecticut by Marcellus Hartley (1827 -1902).  BGI Manufactured gun implements such as loading tools, cleaning tools, shell extractors and powder measures for old style guns and later other sporting articles to include duck, Turkey calls, whistles  and other breech-loaders accessories. 

B.G.I. advertised their yelper as a suction call made of two pieces.  One part is made typically from cocobolo wood and the other part made of a horn tip. Calls were usually around 5 5/8 inches in overall length. As with all BGI calls, the two pieces screw together in the center.

From everything I have been able to find the company folded when Mr. Hartley passed away in 1902.

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