Kevin Sjostrand Visalia, CA MarshKing Duck Call

Call Details:

This is not your typical Hybrid duck call. It is special, and when you receive it you will see why.

This duck call is a new design of mine; combining the best of 2 duck call worlds.

Handmade by me in my shop, this call is acrylic on the inside and beautiful wood on the outside with a quality water proof CA finish.

If you want the sound and performance of an acrylic call, but love the beauty and feel of a wood call, This Is It! I call it the MarshKing! Perfect in the marsh and timber.

Put it on your lanyard and take it to the field, then bring it home, wipe it down and put it back in your collection. This call is at home in both places.

All of my calls are easy to blow and are capable of a full range of mallard hen duck sounds. Soft feed chuckle to loud hail calls.

I include a free replacement O-ring, reed and cork.

Engraved with my last name and serial # 269 on the toneboard

The wood on this call is Stabilized Curly Maple with a Stabilized Walnut Burl contrasting band.

Both the barrel and stopper are lined with clear acrylic, with an acrylic tone board, single .010" mylar reed and rubberized cork.

Comes with the handmade draw string bag as shown. Barrel length is 3", overall length is approximately 5". Standard 5/8" bore.

Posted: 350 Day(s) Ago