Alvan Donald Sontag (1893-1969) Heron Lake, MN - Duck Call

Call Details:

This is a Duck Call you may Rarely see. This Duck call was made by Alvan Donald Sontag (1893-1969) of Heron Lake, MN. Call is made of Butternut with a Walnut stopper. Call is 6 5/8" and LA style. What makes these calls RARE : When a number of Sontag call barrels were discovered. There were No stoppers. Marv Meyer a well-known decoy and callmaker formally from Heron Lake area was consigned to make stoppers for these calls. Each stopper is clearly marked A.D. Sontag - Marv Meyer. When I got this call, I talked to Marv and he said he ONLY MADE 25 STOPPERS. for 25 BARRELS. Which means only 25 of Sontag calls are out there. This is ONE of them. There is a good write up on Mr. Sontag in Doug Lodermeier's "Minnesota Duck Calls" book. Neat piece of Waterfowl History.

Posted: 1027 Day(s) Ago