Kevin Sjostrand Visalia, CA MarshKing Duck Call

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Call Details:

New call from Kevin Sjostrand, Visalia, California. Engraved on the toneboard "Sjostrand 299". Stabilized dark maple burl with stabilized Buckeye Burl band and Stabilized light Maple Burl insert. MarshKing design. Fully lined with clear acrylic. Clear acrylic toneboard. Single reed. CA finish. Approximate 5 1/8" overall length Comes with custom made draw string storage bag, and extra cork, reed and o ring. A testimony from a satisfied customer: Kevin, that is an outstanding call. Thank you. I have been blowing Rich N Tone calls since 1978. Competed professionally for a few years, and was a finalist at the World Championship in Stuttgart AR in 1991. Your call is every bit as good if not better than any other call I have blown. And I have tried them all. Thank you again ____________________________________________________________________________________ This is not your typical Hybrid duck call. It is special, and when you receive it you will see why. This duck call is a new design of mine; combining the best of 2 duck call worlds. Handmade by me in my shop, this call is acrylic on the inside and beautiful wood on the outside with a quality water proof CA finish. If you want the sound and performance of an acrylic call, but love the beauty and feel of a wood call, This Is It! I call it the MarshKing! Perfect in the marsh and timber. Put it on your lanyard and take it to the field, then bring it home, wipe it down and put it back in your collection. This call is at home in both places. All of my calls are easy to blow and are capable of a full range of mallard hen duck sounds. Soft feed chuckle to loud hail calls. SEE REMARKS FROM SOME OF MY MANY HAPPY AND SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. HUNTING SEASON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!! Got the call,it knocked my eyes out, its exceptionally crafted my man!! Slick as glass and I have yet to find a flaw and I am very difficult to please on calls. I'm sure I'll be seeing you again and I'm not even a duck call collector. Thank you,,, It is absolutely gorgeous! Best looking call I?ve ever seen, and sounds great as well! Do you have a website or Facebook page I can follow to keep an eye on future calls for sale? I?ll add you to my list of favorite sellers here and will watch for your items. I definitely plan to buy more as gifts between now and duck season. Thanks again! Kevin makes a amazing call, if you don?t have one you are missing out!!! Super fast shipper. Great sounding call and perfectly crafted. Will buy again! Beautiful, high quality, and a great sound! AWESOME CALL! VERY FINE WORKMANSHIP Call looks better in person and sounds amazing fast shipping will buy from again I love the call! Sounds great and is beautiful! Hey Kevin I got your call a couple a days ago and it?s awesome, not only does it look great but sounds awesome as well. It?s tuned up just how I like it. I definitely look forward to getting another one of your calls. Thanks again for a great call!!!! Kevin:You should be charging double what you are asking for your calls, if not more. Beautiful work, and it sounds great. For a classy working call, this duck call is exceptional. Got the call today, it looks and feels great. And better yet it blows wonderfully from the super loudhail call all the way to a subdued feed chuckle. Almost feel guilty for gettingsuch a nice call for such a bargain. Well done sir!! You should be proud of that call as I've paid way more for calls that are not nearly as nice as thisone.Thank you again for such a awesome call. Another Dandy Call from a Class A Call Maker!! Thanks Kevin! What a Classy Call! Sounds Great Too.! Highly Recommended. Thanks!! excellent waterfowl call ,beautiful work,,AAAAA 3rd call bought and all are beautifully made and sound great! Well done sir!!! Well done!! Perfect!! Thank You!! Another great call, rapid shipping, many thanks Total Satisfaction Excellent call.. beautiful craftsmanship, great tone! A beautiful call with good sound, A Great call! Quality craftsmanship! Excellent and Quick! ,this call sounds as good as it looks! Great price, beautiful, well made! Incredible sound! Highly recommend! Shipping only within the good old USA. Duck figurine is NOT included in the sale of the duck call. Thanks

Posted: 75 Day(s) Ago