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Andrew Sedivy
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Andrew Sedivy

Name: Andrew Sedivy

City: Sioux City

State: Iowa

Country: USA


Company Name: Red Beards Custom Calls

Born: 1988


  Hey there I am Andrew Sedivy I own and operate Red Beards Custom Calls with my wife Haley Sedivy. I started the company in 2014 for help with ptsd I served 5 years in the navy Seabees. A tour to Iraq and Afghanistan when I came home in 2011. I was visiting with my counselor one day at the va and he told me to find somthing  productive to use my time with so as a avid waterfowler since I was 5 I decided I’ll try and make a call. One turned into allot more so after 3 years of throwing inserts after insert away , I’m kinda a perfectionist lol. I. 2013 I found the sound I was looking for and the crossing Guard was born it’s our main line down and dirty goose call from there we started finding our duck sound. Once we accomplished this late 2013. 2014 we signed papers and made my dream real I have continually tried to push my design and will continue to do so.

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